Eye floaters and diabetes

Diabetes is a complex disease that includes myriads of symptoms. One of the side effects of diabetes is eye floaters. Eye floaters and diabetes are not an uncommon phenomenon. If eye floaters develop and become large in number in a sort span of time then you should seek immediate medical attention. Diabetes needs careful monitoring itself and when eye floaters and diabetes occur together it is important to treat is as soon as possible, else it can lead to complete loss of vision.

Diabetes is a condition in which either the body cannot produce enough insulin or the body is unable to use the insulin being produced. As a result there is blood sugar build up which increases the blood pressure. Diabetes can have minor to severe effect on the eyes. In fact diabetes is one of the leading causes of blindness in the aged people.

In diabetes retinopathy the thin blood vessels in the eyes become extremely leaky and as a result neither oxygen can be supplied to the retina nor can waste products be removed. If this is not detected early then ischemia develops which leads to the release of chemicals that leads to neo vascularization in the retina. The new blood vessels also form in the adjoining vitreous humour. The result is that with eye movement as the jelly like vitreous humour moves it tugs at the blood vessels so formed, which in turn tugs at the retina. This increases the chances the development of retinal tear and in severe cases it can lead to retinal detachment. In the process eye floaters are formed which casts shadows in the field of vision and makes vision extremely blurry. In case a person has diabetes, a sudden increase in the number of floaters is indeed a matter of concern and if the floaters are accompanied with light flashes then immediate medical intervention is needed. The association between eye floaters and diabetes can lead to permanent blindness.

Eye floaters by themselves are considered benign and harmless. In fact most people, even the younger lot, have experienced observing eye floaters but eye floaters and diabetes occurs mostly in the adults. This is an age related complication that needs to be monitored at regular intervals. In fact most of the times ophthalmologists ask patients not to worry about floaters but if eye floaters and diabetes make an appearance at the same time then it becomes a matter of concern.

Eye disorders are a major concern of diabetics. However majority of the people with diabetes experience only minor eye problems and it is important to keep them minor and treat them right away if they become a major cause of worry. Eye complications are a long term effect of diabetes and it is important for people to know the association between eye floaters and diabetes. When eye floaters and diabetes occur together then laser treatment is the only way out to ward off permanent damage to the retina. Awareness among people about eye floaters and diabetes can help reduce the number of critical cases.

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